Decentralized Micro-Finance Protocol

$ 510 Bn

Total Addressable Market

200 Mn+

Target borrowers

18% APY

Earn 18% APY on stable coin staking.

Non-collateral Loans Ranging from $100 to $2000.

24 hrs Guarded Security

Invest to earn higher yields

We provide reliable, robust, and secure lending Infrastructure, allowing you to lend to people from developing countries for higher interest rates.

Borrower profiles verified.

Borrowers credit scored.

Near zero NPA rates.

NPA insurance pool.

Impact lives in developing countries

What sets apart this novel micro-finance concept first pioneered by Muhammad Yunus, through the Grameen bank is its reliance on an individual’s “credibility”, that allows unsecured loans to not only fill immediate financial gaps but also to help users build and improve their credit scores over time.

Payday loans.

Weekly loans.

Reputation based lending.

Incremental credit building.

Muhammed Yunus - Nobel Peace Prize in 2006.

Key protocol features


With Zk-KYC we Incrementally build credit scores eliminating sybil attacks.

Global coverage

Zerolend, is globally accessible with strong agent networks in India, Nigeria, Brazil, Spain, Vietnam and philippines.

Agent network

Agents recruit borrowers, establish their credit profile, disburse and collect loans from borrowers. Agents are rewarded in protocol tokens and interest rate commissions.

Fair + transparent governance

All activities and transactions are on-chain with data published and visualized within the application. The loan process is uniquely designed to align the interests of stakeholders, ensuring a fair and transparent process to protect the investors.

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